Thursday, March 21, 2013

An Unexpected Hiatus and a Few Remarks

After a hiatus I've felt guilty about for days, I'm returning to the keyboard to rejoin the blogosphere. A bout of my own sickness and some family sickness kept me away from the keyboard. But I return, turning up once again like a bad penny.

I've got plenty of things in the works, from Twitter to the New York Tribune, from the proto-Scott-Joplin to continuing my deep dives into Gettysburg's past. But for now, I wanted to take you inside the late, great Future of the Civil War conference held this weekend at Gettysburg College. My battle with a nasty chest-cold abated long enough for me to participate in the Working Group on Training Seasonal Rangers in an Era of Holding the High Ground. What of the conference I could participate in before I had to whisk myself away to Wilmington was excellent, and I'm hoping Peter Carmichael and the crew down the street at CWI make this an annual gathering of the minds.

So, below is my own bootleg audio of my remarks at the conference. It's not the greatest quality of recording, but the words intact. I will eventually take the time to transcribe them and clean up the edges a bit, giving them a permanent home here on the blog. For now, however, the audio is available for you to squint your ears and attempt to hear my ramblings. I'll be back next week with more crazy ideas from the bleeding edge of the odd and wild world of Interpreting the Civil War.

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