Thursday, September 22, 2011

Speaking a Different Language

Hot off the YouTubes... Just found this on the perennial font of good, bad and weird. In this case, I'm thinking it's along the lines of excellent:

OK, so what are we looking at? First and foremost, we are looking at someone who has thought deeply about the meaning of Lincoln's words at Gettysburg. "President Lincoln changed history / he honored the dead but did so much more / he changed the meaning of the Civil War." MC Lala gets the deep meanings of the two minutes Lincoln spent on a platform in Gettysburg. MC Lala grasps the deep importance of Lincoln's re-dedication of America at Gettysburg using the Declaration of Independence's ever inspiring promise that, "all men are created equal."

And here's where this gets interesting: the good MC is sharing that meaning quite adeptly. It's not hard with the Gettysburg Address itself. Lincoln at Gettysburg was being an interpreter himself, attaching new meanings of freedom for all to the tangible resource that was the blood soaked ground under the audience's feet.

But MC Lala encapsulates the meaning of the speech in a consumable form which sticks in the modern mind. Almost every bit of Lincoln's intended meaning is there.

I've watched some of MC Lala's other work (under the username "dilalpe") and have been enamored with it. I don't think the songs and videos simply speak to youth or a hip-hop generation. I think they can speak to any of us. Historical meanings which resonate universally: isn't that what we want and need as a society from the Civil War?

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  1. I wish we had this for this summer! The kids would have probably loved this!